The original and uniqueCurcu beer


The must-have for turmeric lovers

Bouteille Curcu Beer BioFleur curcumaFleur curcumaHoublonHoublon

The newCurcu max


Give yourself a treat by trying the new Curcu Max. An amazing combination of unique flavours and health benefits.

Bouteille Curcu Max BioFleur curcumaFleur curcumaFeuille curcumaFeuille curcuma
Fleur curcumaFleur curcumaHoublonhoublon

The conceptCurcu, A life in a drink

Fleur curcumaHoublon
Dessin fleur curcuma

The concept

Curcu Beer is part of the "Curcu a life in a drink" concept based on the use of a Curcuma Mix with various spices and plant extracts in everyday life.

A Belgian know-how

Curcu Beer and Curcu Max: invented in Dinant, brewed at Binche, enjoyed everywhere by everyone.
All our beers are brewed in Belgium by the acclaimed Master brewer Bruno Deghorain.

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The Curcu recipe :unique in the world

Based on the use in everyday life of a CURCUMA MIX combined with various organic spices and plant extracts, our beers are 100% natural and refermented in the bottle.
They are the only ORGANIC beers in the world that are flavoured with turmeric and brewed with Belgian know-how.

Verre CurcuHoublonFleur curcumaFleur curcumaHoublon

Ingredients from organic farming and eco-certified

Fleur curcuma dessin

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Imported from India

Barley Malt

Produced in Belgium and Northern France


Produced in Belgium and Northern France

Water, Yeast, Cane Sugar, Black pepper

Originating from different regions of the world, all BIO eco-certified and supporting fair trade

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